Iconoclast Productions

501(c) Media Arts Non-Profit


The African American Multimedia Conference

Kevin Myrick is among the panelists on an audio technology panel at the 1998 African American Multimedia Conference

The African American Multimedia Conference was established in 1993 – when the internet was still in its infancy and a matter of great concern was the Digital Divide.  In 2013 – during the year of Iconoclast’s 20th Anniversary – the Conference is being re-envisioned as including an online resource component. The original Conference included workshops (in person) at the African American Art and Culture Complex in San Francisco, and panel discussions on Audio/Music, Video/Film, and Animation/Digital Media.

17 years later, the lines have blurred.  Back in 1996, most of us were still using Super-8 cameras, and the advent of digital cameras involved digital tape, we were years away from the tiny memory cards we use today, that make it possible for cellphones (another technology still in its infancy at the end of the 90s) their own video and digital still cameras.

How do you think Iconoclast should reinvent itself for the 2013?


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