Awardees of the 2021 Serena Toxicat Creative Arts Fund

Congratulations to the winners of the Serena Kefira Leclerc Memorial Creative Arts Fund, and Happy Birthday to our dearest Serena Toxicat ❤

James Leon will be awarded $125 for “The Life of a Cat.” He intends to book studio time at Kitten Robot Studios and record a song with his band, Epiphany’s Terror, that will be featured in a film that he wrote the screenplay for, “Serena: Aquari-Cat Mistress.” The song Epiphany’s Terror will be doing is a reworking of Al Stewart’s “The Year of the Cat” retitled as “The Life of a Cat.” James is a long-time friend of Serena’s. They worked on music and film projects together and she appears in his debut film, “Dropping like Flies.” She was initially involved in the conceptualizing of “Serena” Aquari-Cat Mistress.”

Charlena Verrette will be awarded $75 to purchase a microphone and a sound interface for her computer system. She will honor Serena Toxicat with musical projects, video projects and live streaming video for her Industrial Dance music project “Children are the Devil.” Charlena performed burlesque shows with Serena and modeled in her fashion shows many times over the past four years. She says she feels Serena is guiding her in her journey as a transitioning transwoman.

Sierra Bloomer & Winter Mycelium will be awarded a joint award totalling $75, for creating a vegan leather collection for “Whipped and Chained,” their queer-owned fetish ware and chainmail company, that honors Serena Toxicat and her commitment to animals and a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle as well as her place in the kink/leather community by making a line of handcrafted animal-free leather line that vegans can wear. Sierra has modeled with Serena, and both “Whipped and Chained” and Sierra and Winter’s death rock band “Mystic Priestess” have been inspired by Serena’s multifaceted career.

Robert Nisbet will be awarded $75 to assist in with creation of a musical composition honoring Serena Toxicat. The son of Serena’s dear friend Brenda Wood, Robert is a young man who grew up knowing the wonderfully gifted and kindhearted Serena. As a musician she encouraged and mentored him, and his musical composition will honor her memory, mentorship, and contributions to the future and the next generation of artist.

All of these people have been inspired by Serena’s tremendous contribution to her communities – Gothic, Leather & Fetish, Disability Rights Advocacy, Animal Rights Advocacy, Vegan & Vegetarian, Neo-Pagan, ED Survivor, Adoptee, Homeless Communities and Marginally Housed… multitalented, collaborative artist, author, designer, singer, songwriter, burlesque performer, model, and actress… the beloved and loving Serena Toxicat.

Thanks to DeTraci Regula, Jenna Church, and a third anonymous donor for the funding.

Happy Birthday, Serena ❤ Or I should say, Happy Bird Day Two Mews ❤

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