Carolyn and Sumiko of Iconoclast were honored to be a part of the Sacramento Black Book Fair this year.

Iconoclast Newsletter

The Third Annual Sacramento Black Book Fair kicked off on Friday, June 3, 2016 with a reception at Underground Books and an inspirational panel discussion at The Guild Theatre on growing new readers with featured authors, Frederick K. Foote, Geri Spencer Hunter, JaNay Brown-Wood, and Jay King.

At the end of the panel, when they took questions from the audience, ten year-old Savanna Karmue, the author of Happy Heart Advices, was offered an impromptu opportunity to address the audience. The youngster addressed the audience like a pro. Savanna Karmue is just one example of authors in attendance who have benefited from the self-publishing revolution.

“A new and enlightening experience to interact with like minds, writers, musicians, and poets. Love it,” said author K.E. Mullins

During the “Writer’s Panel,” Jay King (a featured author who was in Club Nouveau and wrote a book series on…

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