Keeping Up with Iconoclast (September 2013 Newsletter)

Catching Up with Iconoclast Productions

African American Media Arts Association at City College of San Francisco

Carolyn Saulson and Andres Wemiz at CCSF Multimedia Arts Gallery
Carolyn Saulson and Andres Wemiz at CCSF Multimedia Arts Gallery

City College of San Francisco is home to the African American Media Arts Association, which is supported by Iconoclast Productions. As many of you already know, City College of San Francisco has been in danger of losing its accreditation over the past couple of years. According to the San Francisco Examiner, CCSF may have another opportunity to save its accreditation.

Despite its woes, City College of San Francisco has managed to teach and graduate students from many different backgrounds, and it especially offers opportunity to low income students. Iconoclast Productions supports CCSF and acknowledges its valuable media arts programs, and its wonderful broadcast arts programs. We hope to see the accreditation of CCSF restored so that it can continue to provide affordable arts and media arts courses to the public.

Iconoclast Productions would also like to acknowledge two of our former AAMAA members who have graduated from CCSF and gone on to state colleges: Deeann Mathews, who went on to San Francisco State three years ago, and Andres Wemiz, who started at San Jose State this fall.

Art at Courtland Creek Park in Oakland

Since our last newsletter, we have been excited by the progress that has been made regarding Courtland Creek Park. Roberto Costa and his crew of mosaic tile artists have completed three sides to the trash can at the corner of San Carlos and Courtland, and Sumiko Saulson of Iconoclast Productions has painted the fourth side. Consulting with the newly reactivated Friend of Courtland Creek Park organization and with representatives from Iconoclast, and from the NCPC 27x Beat Melrose High Hopes, Mr. Costa decided to create a work that would honor the Key System Streetcars that once went down Courtland.

Saturday, September 21, 2013 is Creek to Bay Day.

Iconoclast Productions is looking for volunteers to meet at 1 pm at the corner of Courtland and San Carlos, to repaint the sculpture created by Walter Hood nearly 20 years ago on that corner. The tall, gray sculpture has carvings in the side that represent the various maps for the street car lines. Over the years, graffiti on the statue has been repaired with gray paint that is a darker color than the monument itself. The goal is to paint it all a uniform shade of gray.

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