May 2012 Iconoclast Newsletter

Keeping up with the African American Media Arts Association!

Students and visitors enjoying the Juneteenth at City College

I bet a bunch of you remember the Juneteenth Festival over at City College of San Francisco a while back.  That was one of the projects Iconoclast Productions worked with the African American Media Arts Association, an ICC club, to produce. We are happy to say we are still activelyt involved with the AAMAA and the ICC. One of the activities the AAMAA is involved with at this time is video taping and photography for other students and for on-campus clubs. We are working new on campus programming come Spring 2012, which will be a multimedia conference.  You can catch up with the AAMAA on Facebook here:


VOLUNTEER OF THE MONTH: Jazz “Lil  4-Tay” Forte of B.I.G.

lil 4Tay
lil 4Tay

The backbone of any non-profit organization is its staff: Iconoclast Productions relies on our volunteer staff members, such as Jazz “Lil 4-Tay” Forte, also ½ of the local hip-hop duo B.I.G. along with Roach Gigz, they are well known for the innovative way they launched not one, but several singles on the internet using nothing but MySpace, YouTube, and an Apple MacBook computer to gain national attention and airplay for their music.

We are currently recruiting volunteers like Jazz, who will help us with videotaping/filming events, organizing and promoting these events, taking notes at meetings, learn how to raise money with fundraisers, and to write grants.  Not all of the volunteers who work for Iconoclast Productions are skilled – we take many of our volunteers around with us and train them on how to use video production equipment, how to research and to write grants, and in some cases even basic computer and note-taking skills, providing an excellent training and learning opportunity for them, while they help us to keep up our day to day operations.

Another type of volunteer we work with are Project Volunteers, who volunteer to help with a specific event, such as the African American Multimedia Conference, or the San Francisco Black Independent/Iconoclast Film Festival.


TWO TALES OF A CITY: Two New San Francisco Based Novels

Carolyn Saulson Anne Rice
PICTURED ABOVE: Carolyn Saulson hands Anne Rice a copy of her daughter Sumiko Saulson’s novel “Solitude” while Anne Rice signs a copy of her latest gothic horror novel “The Wolf Gift”.

Local horror novelist Sumiko Saulson was very excited when she learned that on February 24, 2012 one of her heroes in the genre, Anne Rice, would be in town for a signing at Books, Inc. “The first time I walked into Marcus Bookstore and asked Karen Johnson about carrying ‘Solitude’,” Sumiko explained, “she explained to me that women in horror – especially black women such as myself – were still almost unheard of.  Practically the same thing was repeated to me everywhere I went – Laurel Bookstore in Oakland, Bookshop Benicia. The more I heard this, the more Anne’s words of encouragement over Facebook to me, and other fledgling ladies in the genre meant. She is very mindful of her role as groundbreaker.” The local writer was even more excited when she learned that Anne Rice’s “The Wolf Gift” – the famous writer’s return to the Gothic Horror genre after writing two books on the life of Christ – took place in the San Francisco Bay Area. Ms. Rice’s story is about a young man who struggles with the life-changing aftermath of a werewolf bite. Ms. Saulson’s “Solitude” is a suspenseful sci-fi/horror story that takes place almost entirely in San Francisco, and features a multicultural cast reacting to a strange supernatural event of unknown origin that causes most of the population to disappear. Each of these well-written novels gives the reader different takes on the City by the Bay, but both revolve largely around the internal life of their characters.

Volunteers Wanted!



Do you enjoy media arts such as music and film? Would you like to give back to the community? Are you looking to improve your portfolio or resume? Get good job references. We have associates who hire our volunteers. Learn how to write grants. Learn about music and video recording. For More Information call (415) 573-7728 and ask for Carolyn, or email or

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